Colorado Timberline



Learn how to download and use your Photoshop Product Flyer

1. Click Colorado Timberline

2. A window will appear and ask if you would like to ‘Open with’ or ‘Save File’. Select ‘Save File’ and click ‘OK’
CAUTION **Download can take in excess of 5 minutes depending on your internet connection**

Colorado Timberline

3. Locate the zip folder you just downloaded (In some internet browsers a ‘Downloads’ screen will appear). Open the zip folder.

Colorado Timberline Colorado Timberline Colorado Timberline

4. In each folder you will find the following items.

Colorado Timberline

A. Instructions DOC

Colorado Timberline

B. Photoshop Flyer
All elements are on their own layer and is 100% editable!

Colorado Timberline

C. Product Images
Customize your flyer even further. We have provided you an image of every color for each product.

Colorado Timberline

5. Have fun and customize your flyer as you see fit!

6. You can now save the file to have it printed or you can save the file to email.

Saving your Flyer for Print
1. Go to 'File'
2. 'Save As'
3. Choose 'Jpeg'
4. Quality 'High'
5. 'Save'
6. Now you can upload this flyer into our design tool by clicking on 'Marketing Material' and selecting the 'Marketing Flyer'
You can print on your home computer as you wish.

Saving your flyer for e-blast or email marketing
1. Go to 'Image'
2. 'File Size'
3. Convert your resolution to 72dpi
4. Go to 'File'
5. 'Save For Web and Devices'
6. Choose 'Jpeg'
7. Quality '60'
8. Click on 'Save'