This page will assist you when designing images for our products. This template has been sized to match your selected product in terms of width, height, and dpi. You will also see requirements if any for safe zone and full bleed dimensions illustrated on the template below.

Colorado Timberline Template

1. ClickColorado Timberline

2. A window will appear and ask if you would like to ‘Open with’ or ‘Save File’. Select ‘Save File’ and click ‘OK’
CAUTION **Download can take in excess of 5 minutes depending on your internet connection**

Colorado Timberline

3. Locate the zip folder you just downloaded (In some internet browsers a ‘Downloads’ screen will appear). Open the zip folder.

Colorado Timberline Colorado Timberline Colorado Timberline

4. You will find 3 kind of files (.ai, .pdf, .jpg) for each print location

2. Open the file in Photoshop or Illustrator.

3. Use the template as a guide and design on top of the template layer.

4. Once your done using the template remove the template layer.

5. Save your art in the required format shown in the template above.

5. Now your ready to upload your art and place it on your product by going to